The Smart Way to Buy Cheap Printer Cartridges

If you think you're spending too much on printer ink, you're not alone. The main question ink jet printer owners constantly ask themselves is "where can I get cheap printer cartridges?"

This is understandable if you look at the prices of replacement cartridges produced by the manufacturer, especially if you go shopping in the High Street. The good news is that there is a way to get great savings on ink jet cartridges.

The first thing to consider is the types of replacement cartridges available.

You may think that you have to buy cartridges made by the manufacturer of your printer, but this is not the case. These types are known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or original printer cartridges. They're of the highest quality and reliability but come with a price tag to match.

Buying OEMs is the way to go if you really want the best quality cartridge and ink. You may want to do this if your business depends on excellent printing quality, for example. But these are in no way cheap printer cartridges.

In fact buying a colour and black-and-white cartridge set might well set you back more than you paid for the printer itself. For instance, if you own the fine Lexmark x4650all-in-one printer, investing in original x4650 ink cartridges manufactured by Lexmark will cost you over 50 pounds for a pair.

The next type of replacement cartridge you can get is the compatible. These are brand new cartridges but produced by a third-party firm under license from the original manufacturer. These are far cheaper than OEMs. For example, buying original Lexmark p4350 ink cartridges for the photo jetprinter would cost you up to 50 pounds if bought individually or around 40 pounds for a twin pack. But buying compatible items would only cost you less than 10 pounds apiece.

The big question is, of course, what's the quality like?

The answer is very good. The fact that these items are produced under license from the original manufacturer means that strict quality controls are in place. Obviously, the standard won't quite be up to that of original cartridges but for everyday use, compatibles are a fine option.

Your next option for replacement print cartridges is the cheapest - remanufactured ink jet cartridges. These are old items that have been cleaned up, refurbished and refilled. This fine example of recycling in action results in a product which is functional, inexpensive and will probably give you adequate results for standard everyday printing jobs. Of course reliability will always be a problem. So if you need consistent good quality printing, you may want to avoid these. However if you just need to print off some text or graphics and you business doesn't depend on printing, they should do the trick.

You do have another option - that of refilling your cartridges yourself. This is the cheapest and least reliable method. It can also be messy but it's a popular system for some people.

Having considered the types of products available, the next factor in getting cheap printer cartridges is where you buy them. The fact is you can get tremendous savings from shopping in the right place.

The great news is that the Internet has transformed the way we can buy printer cartridges. For one thing it allows you to check the prices among a range of dealers and get the best deals. You're also sure of getting good products as any vendor hawking shoddy merchandise would go out of business pretty fast.

What's more, these online vendors don't need to operate expensive stores with legions of sales staff. So they can pass these savings on to you in the form of the keenest prices. Add this to their massive turnover and you can be sure of getting the best deals in cheap printer cartridges. Also unlike regular High Street office supplies shops, these online vendors deal only in printer cartridges and ink. The resulting expertise enables them to offer advice and deal with any problems effectively.

One great tip is to buy in bulk. If you get through a lot of ink, buying your new cartridges in packs of five or ten will get you even greater discounts.

Whatever choice you make, for the greatest savings you should search online for cheap ink cartridges. You also get fast, free delivery, usually on the next day for mainland UK addresses.
How Can I Retrieve Deleted Text From a CDMA Device?

by: Ed Opperman

There is a variety of different situations that many individuals all around the world have found themselves in that are perfect reasons for contacting a professional expert that knows how to recover deleted text from cellular devices. To include a few of the most common reasons that many people have cell phone forensic investigations performed on their cellular device would include the following:

Infidelity - Countless individuals have caught their wife texting another man, or their husband deleting text messages, which is often a sure sign that an affair is going on.

Teenage Bullying - This is a growing problem that affects many teen victims.

Sexting - Adults and teens alike engage in sending sext messages to their partners that are inappropriate.

Illegal Drug use - Many times when this problem is suspected, incriminating evidence can be found on the adult or teenagers cellular device.

Employee Theft - When an employer suspects theft, an investigation of employees phones often result in the evidence needed to confront the situation.

To give you an idea of just how helpful a cell phone forensic investigation can be when you are facing one of these types of situations, below you will find some of the most common data that can be retrieved from a CDMA cellular device when you have a professional retrieve deleted text.

SMS History

To Do List


Device Properties

Phone Book

Call Logs


File System

Memory Dump

GUID Properties

NV Memory Dump

When you will want to keep in mind is if you choose to purchase a SIM card reader over-the-counter, this is a step that will not only waste your money, but on many occasions it only ends in data that is completely destroyed. It is very rare for a person to find a reader that works properly with a particular device. Experienced professionals with thousands of dollars in valuable equipment will often have to try various tools before finding the right one to work with specific cell phone devices. Using an expert is your only assurance that when they retrieve deleted text and other data, that no damage occurs causing the evidence you need to be lost forever.

The next time you ask the question 'how can I retrieve deleted text from a CDMA cellular device, speak with a professional that has the experience and the knowledge to perform a cell phone forensic investigation. After sending your phone, you can expect results in as little as 48 hours on a disk containing a detailed report of information found on the device.

Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman

Technology Offers Tools Made for Real Estate Success

by: Nora Hall

In the last year real estate professionals have not only seen changes in the market but also in the economic landscape of the United States. In conjunction with the emerging buyers market, the industry also experienced a greater shift towards technology as a means of communication between agents, homebuyers and sellers. Most people already know the majority of buyers start their property search online, but real estate technology isn't just about web sites.

Real Estate News: Billboard and Cell Phone Technology

In July of 2009, from July 6 until August 2, 2009 Coldwell Banker hosted an interactive billboard in Times Square. Requested home listings, displayed in real time, are driven by cell phone text requests sent by interested buyers on this billboard. By simply using a mobile phone to text the word "homes" and any U.S. zip code viewers could see the highest, median and lowest priced realty in the designated area. In a July 2009 press release Michael Fischer, senior vice president of marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC stated, "Consumers want quick access to online listings and this campaign reinforces how easy it is to find listings and information, anytime, anywhere."

Real Estate Channels on has become a valuable tool for anyone interested in buying, selling or investing in property. All over the country agents are creating videos to educate clients and provide them with in depth details about small towns and metropolitan cities everywhere. In addition, official Youtube channels are being created to make searching online even easier. Some Youtube channels service regions like the Homefinder 100 channel, a Youtube channel that supports a cable channel dedicated to the market in Toledo, Ohio. Other channels feature specific agents like the Sam Valadez Group channel.

National agencies like Coldwell Banker have also created channels. In May of 2009 Coldwell Banker launched Coldwell Banker on Location, a channel "designed to offer consumers a new way to search for and interact with real estate information and listings", according to a May 4,, 2009 press release entitled, "New Coldwell Banker 'On Location' Youtube channel first in Industry to Fully Tap Power of Video for Real Estate Search and Insights." According to the release, "To create On Location, Coldwell Banker closely collaborated with both YouTube, a Google subsidiary, and Google to develop a customized framework and user experience...On Location is the first branded YouTube channel to use dynamic IP lookup to search for videos, which automatically serves up local results when visitors first hit the site."

Innovative Website Design and Online Real Estate Tools

Real estate websites are still one of the most important tools on the Internet today. Choosing an agent, learning about a specific region and reviewing the MLS can be easy with the right website. According to, in January of 2009 Keller Williams created a "powerful new home valuation tool", which displays home value estimates from both and An instant price comparison can be generated for any address in the U.S.

Coldwell Banker plans to launch a newly designed website during the first quarter of 2010, the beta version will be released in early December. The new web technology has some excellent features including a more precise keyword search for property results, a more prominent video display for listings, a "You May Also Like" feature and the first totally visual real estate search-BlueScape. The new search technology will allow homebuyers and sellers to come to the agent of their choice much more prepared than in the past. The website is meant to empower buyers and sellers to become even more involved in the property exchange process.

Why Technology Matters in Real Estate

Technological advancement in the industry is important because buying or selling a home is a huge decision. Now more than ever realty professionals, homebuyers and sellers can participate in mutually beneficial partnerships. Buyers and sellers are an essential part of the search and agents now act as leaders, trusted consultants and experts in their market. In addition, online exposure as a buyer or a seller is necessary to achieve success. One of the most well recognized websites,, has approximately 6.6 million unique visitors per month. There is no denying that technology plays a powerful role in real estate these days.