SEO Tips - Avoiding 3 Common Mistakes
by: TJ Philpott

Some of the most effective seo tips you can follow are also some of the most commonly overlooked or forgotten. An effectively optimized site can increase the amount of search engine traffic you receive. This type of free online traffic is about the best you can get because it is much targeted. The point of our discussion here today is to focus on some common mistakes people make that undermines their ability to attract free online traffic. No matter what the state of the economy it is always wise to take advantage of anything you can get at no cost to you or your business!

Here are 3 search engine optimization tips that are very easy to follow and that will result in more free online traffic to your site.

Use the Proper Keywords

Before conducting any keyword research you want to brainstorm a list of words that are the most obvious and relevant to what you are promoting. Develop your own list and then ask others for their input as to what comes to mind and add this to your existing list. Getting the perspectives of others is important since it is 'others' that will be conducting the search online. Using this list as your 'base words' plug them into a keyword research tool which will offer you even more suggestions as to what you can add to the list.

Remember it is important to gather keyword suggestions from sources other than what you can develop on your own. This broader perspective will serve you well for attracting more search engine traffic

Keep Content Fresh

Every time you publish new content search engines visit your site and inspect it for relevancy. The more relevant it is the higher the ranking your site receives which translates into more free online traffic.

As you continue to add new content, which is especially the case in blogging, you will want to be sure to link to any other pages with relevant content. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate your site and for search engines to find new content.

Match Keywords to Your Content

It is important to continually 'comb' through your keyword list for the most appropriate words to use for particular applications. Some words will be better than others so be prepared to use different words or phrases for different needs. Also remember to use them in your text links as well.

Some of the most effective seo tips are also some of the easiest to implement and are often overlooked. Search engine traffic is something you want to attract to your site since it is not only free but it is also targeted as well. Properly optimizing any site or content will result in generating this type of free online traffic. The 3 search engine optimization tips discussed above focus on some of the most commonly overlooked methods of optimization. With the cost of virtually everything going up nowadays it would be absolutely criminal to NOT capitalize on a valuable asset like this for your business. This is low hanging fruit that you can not afford to overlook especially considering the quality of traffic it will deliver to you.


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